Campus and community meet to discuss needs on March 31

BOWLING GREEN, KY- Community individuals and organizations, as well as representatives from WKU will meet this March for the spring Campus & Community Network. The WKU ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships (ALIVE CCP) will host the Campus & Community Network meeting at the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, March 31 at 3:00pm as a way to bring together people who have an interest in improving the quality of life in South Central Kentucky communities.

“The Campus & Community Network is a time for service-minded individuals and organizations from all sectors of the community to connect and explore ways of working together to address pressing community needs and ongoing challenges,” said Leah Ashwill, director at the ALIVE CCP.

The Campus & Community Network has been a part of ALIVE Center programming since 2011, but has adapted to the changing needs in the South Central Kentucky area. In the beginning the CCN focused on connecting faculty with nonprofit organizations to address community needs identified by Network participants. Now, the CCN encourages participation from community members, nonprofit and business leaders, faculty, staff, and students.

“Essentially, if someone considers themselves an active participant in the community around them, he or she is invited to attend the Campus & Community Network,” Ashwill said.

During this networking meeting, participants will have the opportunity to connect with others who have a shared interest in a particular social issue or area of need in the community. Nonprofit organizational leaders will have the opportunity to connect with potential volunteers and service-learners. Campus professionals can connect with potential partners for community-based teaching and research endeavors. Business professionals, community individuals, and students who want to explore a way to give back can connect with a number of service organizations with which to serve.


As part of the online registration at, participants should provide a 150 word or less description of the assets, resources, area of expertise or skill set they bring as a potential partner or volunteer, as well as a social issue or need you wish to address through a service endeavor or campus and community collaboration.

The goal of the Campus & Community Network is to provide an ongoing opportunity for service-minded individuals and organizations to connect, build relationships, and reap the mutual benefits of working together to address specific community needs. “Bringing together an actively engaged group of citizens from multiple sectors of the community creates an opportunity for a more successful and sustainable community-wide effort to improve quality of life for all South Central Kentuckians,” Ashwill said.

The Campus & Community Network is designed to result in the development of the following opportunities for meeting participants:

Volunteer opportunities with community organizations

Collaborative service-learning projects

Community-based research projects

Organizational capacity-building projects

Organizational consulting projects

Other community development opportunities identified by participants.


The Campus & Community Network serves as a connector for campus and community members that work collaboratively to impact the community.  For more information contact Leah Ashwill at


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