WKU Hill House Celebrates Community Partnerships Day

Hill House Celebrates Community Partnerships Day

Hill House Graduate Students Host Open House and Proclamation Signing

BOWLING GREEN, KY- On September 18th the WKU Hill House, a graduate assistant program that allows graduate coursework to be applied within the community, will celebrate Community Partnerships Day with an open house and proclamation signing.

Not only does the WKU Hill House give students the opportunity to learn the practical value of their academic training to strengthen the community, but it is also home to the three individuals working within the program. The students are selected to live and work together at the Hill House with a shared vision of building a strong local community while improving the quality of life.

Keira Martin, a Louisville native and second year Hill House student said, “I’m a part of Student Affairs. I’ve been able to bring in the Student Affairs side to the community. Anything you want to see done you can make it happen here.”

Through the WKU Hill House program, Martin established Project L.I.F.E. (Leadership Independence Freedom Empowerment). Project L.I.F.E. teaches the importance of obtaining a quality education; developing leadership skills and a true sense of independence through self led opportunities.

New members of the Hill House include Louisville natives Omega Buckner and Mckinzie Willard. Buckner is in the beginning stage of creating a community assets inventory that would eventually take surveys to find out skills and assets that the community holds. Once the surveys are complete, Omega and her team will build a plan to incorporate those skills within there own community.

Willard will work with the City of Bowling Green Neighborhood Association where she will assist in providing support for the association’s success. She plans to address local issues and concerns within the community through event planning, effective meetings, and promotional flyers to raise awareness.

President Gary A. Ransdell and Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson will sign the proclamation at 3:30 pm on September 18. Guests can visit the house located at 741 East 11th Street. Refreshments will be provided during the open house. For more information contact hillhouse@wku.edu or call 270-782-0082.

The ALIVE CCP connects students, faculty, staff, and community members to resources and opportunities for meaningful service and public scholarship. The ALIVE CCP supports community development locally and abroad through campus and community partnerships.


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