Where is the food?

Written by: Aly Badinger

It is easy to look down practically any main street in Bowling Green and see restaurant after restaurant; however, physical presence does not indicate availability for many people of the Bowling Green and Warren County community. The Campus and Community Network group called Food Access: Where is the Food? is dedicated to something many families take for granted:  their next meal.

The group had its first meeting this March at the GEO Center near Warren Central High School. It emerged from the annual Campus and Community Partnerships meeting held each October.  Members of this group have a passion for food access while having careers in many other fields.

Rebecca Perez, Coordinator for Cumberland Trace Family Resource Center said, “Although there is an abundance of resources, if families are not aware of how or where to access the resource, it cannot be utilized to the fullest.  Not only is it vital for families to have access to food, it is important that the food be fresh, healthy, readily available and that they understand their choices and ways food can be prepared.” With this in mind, group members searched for a place to start.

It was decided that a more comprehensive and easier-to-read guide for food pantries would be a great first undertaking. This begins with updating food pantry hours of operation and types of food provided. Families can experience many headaches when trying to remember the varying hours of multiple pantries, that some serve specific demographics, or only serve hot meals on specific days of the week. Not only would the guide use symbols instead of one particular language, it will connect food pantries via existing bus routes.  

The journey begins with a single step. A better guide to food pantry access is the first step in the grander journey to bridging the gap between food resources and families looking to thrive in the Bowling Green community.

For information about attending a Campus and Community Partnership meeting, please email the ALIVE Center at alivebg@wku.edu


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