Campus and Community Network – Partners for Food Access: Where is the Food?

From Thanksgiving and Sunday dinners to a family’s favorite weekday restaurant, it is evident that food and meals are integral parts of American culture. For many families meals foster happy memories and moments of togetherness. However, for many other families commonly overlooked, access to food is a daily struggle and not only for quick meals, but for quality food that provides nutrients for growing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The ALIVE Center’s Campus and Community Network group called Partners for Food Access: Where is the Food? is determined to examine this issue more closely and be an agent for change in Bowling Green and surrounding counties. The group is in its early stages and is gathering information and seeking to plan community events to build awareness.

If you are a part of a business, nonprofit or an individual community member and would like to contribute to this cause the group’s first meeting is this Thursday, March 21st at 3pm at the GEO Center (Morgantown Rd) in Bowling Green.

Please contact the Community Partnerships Intern at or the ALIVE Center at or (270) 782-0082 if you plan to attend the meeting or if you would like more information about other Campus and Community Network groups.


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