The Process of a Project from a Student’s View


$100 Solution TM

            Our group has had a variety of things that we could do for our family. We went back and forth debating on ideas and thinking of ways to contribute as much as possible. Our family has brought up numerous times that the father would love to learn English and this to us was really important and we wanted to do something out of the ordinary than trying to teach him ourselves, so we all thought outside the box and ended up with one of the greatest ideas for our $100 solution tm. We as a group will see if one of the students here at Western, in the ESL program, will volunteer to go to our families house and teach them English 3 or 4 times out of a month for the rest of semester and hopefully to continue throughout the year. We decided on this for different reasons. One, our family. This would benefit our family immensely considering they all want and NEED to learn English in this country. Two, the experience. The student who takes up the job will be getting the experience of a lifetime and the student would already be a trained student who knows different methods to teaching English and that would be perfect. This could also benefit the student as well as it could broaden their profession, it would also look good on a resume, and this project could hopefully start scholarships and other organizations that will recognize the benefits of the student and family. And three, the budget. The work of the student would be voluntary so that makes the cost of our solution extremely cheap and affordable. The only things that will cost are the materials used to teach and we as a group would use our $100 to pay for any teaching material or expenses needed. I think our project for the solution is great and should benefit everyone, both the family and the student. I have learned that the solution isn’t about how to stretch the money but about how to use just that little amount of money to help those who need it and to give back to make others happy. I think our family would really appreciate the effort and we will appreciate the feeling of helping our family.


Written by: Jasmine Blue, Cultural Diversity Student


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