Leading a Group

The first few weeks were slow, but now it seems as if everything is happening at once. My group consists of four girls who are doing their project with the Housing Authority’s group Reach Higher. They went to talk with the person in charge at the Housing Authority and she was really excited about this idea of a day of empowerment. They came to me last week and said, “we think she wants this to happen because we talked half the time about little things that other people have done and the other half of the time about this day of empowerment.” Literally for half of the couple of hours the girls were there she seemed so enthusiastic about this one project in particular. Now my group has talked with the members of the Reach higher program and have acknowledged how much all of the women there want to participate as well. My group seems to be excited about this project and excited to get parts of the university involved as well. They want to go talk with groups on campus that might be interested in getting involved, and they even want to try and pair up with another Gender and Women’s Studies group to see if they can help each other. I’m excited to see what comes of my group’s project and to see how it impacts the university’s community and the Housing Authority in Bowling Green.

Written by: Leah Railey


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