Training has begun for The $100 Solution

By: Wendy Pons

Training has begun! As Chris Ford went over the five pillars of The Hundred Dollar Solution students listened intently. Many took notes as he spoke and many asked questions. I could see a few even writing down ideas they were coming up with as he described the program. It was a bit humorous at the end of the class as the professor gave an assignment. Dr. Smith had the students scared for a minute when she told them to bring a community problem to the next class. She gave geographical boundaries to them to keep the community as Bowling Green. The instructions were to find a problem in the community and to bring in evidence that it exists. They got worried thinking they had to have their idea for The Hundred Dollar Solution right away. But their worries were put to rest as she told them it was only to get the feel for how the process will work. It was interesting to sit in the background and watch the curiosity build over this amazing program.


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