A New Semester with The $100 Solution

Welcome weary internet traveler to the official $100 SolutionTM blog!

My name is Shannon Lay, and I am a teaching assistant/group leader in Nadia De Leon’s Cultural Diversity in the US class at Western Kentucky University.  I am here to start this awesome blogging journey by telling you a little about The $100 SolutionTM and how the teaching assistants got ready to help our students through this stressful but amazing mess!

The $100 SolutionTM (THDS) was started by Dr. Strenecky with the Rotary Club, and took off at Semester at Sea. The goal of  THDSTM is to make a big impact in any community with only $100. I had a chance to implement a solution in the spring of 2012 in Nadia’s class, and I decided to come back to try and help another group of students implement their own project!

Last week, 13 new $100 Solution Leaders like me, participated in a VERY detailed training. We learned the history of the program from Dr. Streneky. We talked about what the program means to each of us … and shared an Aramark exciting meal! We spent an entire day running through the training process that each student must go through to begin their own $100 SolutionTM. One of the really special things about THDSTM is that it has inspired so many people to go and make a difference in the world. But the most special part, in my opinion, is how it teaches students that they can change the world. They may not reach the entire globe, but they have changed someone’s world for the better!

I will keep this initial blog short and sweet, mostly because I don’t like my own writing (I’m a middle grades mathematics education major). But welcome to The $100 SolutionTM Blog, and I hope this blog will inspire someone, somewhere to visit the ALIVE Center and become trained in The $100 SolutionTM and go out and change the world!

Shannon Lay

Fall 2012 $100 Solution Leader


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