Families and youth partner for The $100 Solution

Things are still going strong with The $100 Solution(TM) as we wrap up the semester this week.  We would like to showcase two more of the projects that were completed this semester.  With the number of projects this year, there were many exceptional ones.  Here are the details on two that really stuck out to us this semester.

There was a group from a Cultural Diversity class that was paired with a family from El Salvador.  The family expressed concern with their struggles with the English language. They were also interested in connecting with WKU students, because they take ESL classes on campus and want to be more comfortable with interacting with more students.  The students worked with the family to have a dinner of El Salvadorian food.  They invited 15 WKU students to join them for the dinner, where they learned about the family’s narrative concerning how they came to be in Bowling Green, and what their customs were in their home country.  The students were also able to share their stories and customs also, and therefore there was a mutual benefit for the family and the students.  Here are some pictures from the dinner:

The other project we would like to highlight this week is one in Dr. Bernard Strenecky’s Community Development class. They continued a partnership with Bowling Green High School that was initiated in this same class in the past.  We would like to see more of these continued partnership initiatives as the $100 Solution(TM) continues in the Bowling Green area. This is the project description that they put together for the final report that was submitted:

Our project focused on the recycling program at Bowling Green High School. We wanted to raise recycling awareness and help the recycling program grow. ROCK, the student organization in charge of the recycling program, wanted to increase recycling awareness among the students. They believe that students just don’t know enough about recycling and that is why they do not take the time to recycling their water bottles, paper, etc. In order to help them, we decided to make note cards that have recycling facts on them that can be announced each day during the morning announcements. Each note card has different fact so that the school can cycle through them. We also created a kit that included tools, instructions, and prototypes of different kinds of crafts that ROCK can make and sell at the beginning of next semester. These crafts are made out of recycled materials that can be found lying around the house.

We at the ALIVE center are very excited and proud of the success of so many wonderful projects, and are gearing up for next semester, and how we can aid students in accomplishing numerous sparkling project like these.


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