Forty-four $100 Solution projects take place

By: Emily Gillespie

We are very excited to report on all of the interesting things we have going on with the $100 Solution(TM) this semester.  Students are implementing projects in 13 classes, which amounted to 44 projects all together.  There are at least 23 community partners who are working with these students to make this work successful. We are at the point in the semester where we are no longer accepting applications, but we are still working hard to aid students in success of their projects. There are two projects we would like to highlight this week that we feel have great potential.

A group from Dr. Jennifer Mize-Smith’s Group Communication class is going to be creating sensory boards for the Kelly Autism Center in order to help advance the educational development on autistic youth from elementary to college age.  Kelly Autism Program helps students develop important life skills by tutoring, teaching coping skills, and helping them learn how to handle many different stimuli at once.  This sensory board will be very helpful in helping these youth who learn visually.  Over 100 students a year will be able to use this board, and it will be made sturdy for use over several years.  This project will impact many students, and will be very helpful to the community partner.

A group from Dr. Paul Markham’s Citizen and Self class is working to help those with Down Syndrome.  This is their description of their project:

Throughout our lives, we have all encountered individuals with special needs. When deciding upon a group of people to partner with in our community, each of us had been touched by someone with Down Syndrome. For this reason, our group has decided to partner with the Down Syndrome Support Group of South Central Kentucky (DSSG). The DSSG works with volunteers to help those with Down Syndrome have a somewhat normal life within the community.  As they try and participate in the simple routine of daily life, it can become a very difficult task. It is the volunteers’ job to help work with them and train them to do the best they can on their own. Our goal for this project is to gather more volunteers for the DSSG, establish a sustainable volunteer network, and to volunteer ourselves to help get the individuals with Down Syndrome out into the real world in a by launching an organization entitled “Buddy Volunteers for Down Syndrome.”

To learn more about how to get involved with The $100 Solution(TM), please contact


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