Five reasons to intern or serve as Student Ambassador of Service

By: Aurelia Spaulding

Photo by: Bria Granville

The WKU ALIVE Center offers four internships for interested students. The Center also offers students the opportunity to serve as a Student Ambassador of Service. Hear firsthand from other students why you should apply to intern at the ALIVE Center or join the Student Ambassadors of Service.

1. To Get Educated:

“Interning at ALIVE enables you to not only increase your awareness about all the needs and opportunities in the area but also to learn specific methods for addressing these needs in order to become the most responsible and knowledgeable citizen you can be.  Getting involved in all of the opportunities presented by the ALIVE Center really helps you to get to know yourself better by giving you the chance to get involved with programs you’re really interested and get that hands-on experience that will be so valuable in your future career.” ~Caroline Culbreth, Multicultural Services Intern

2. To Get Experience:

“Working as an intern for the ALIVE center is a great learning opportunity and experience for working in a future career.  You are allowed so many different chances to gain different experience in so many areas. It really allows you an opportunity to connect the resources that are available to you in the Bowling Green community.” ~Henry McCormick, Service Learning Intern

3. For the Challenge:

“My internship at the ALIVE center has challenged and developed me to discover how I can apply my marketing education to the real world.” ~Emily Borgmeier

4. To Be Empowered:

“You have the opportunity to and you are encouraged to maximize the skills you have. It helps develop your skills and provides great hands on experience with your certain major and involvement in the community.” ~Leah Baird

5. To Engage:

“Being a member of the Student Advisory Board (now Student Ambassadors of Service) gives you the opportunity to work with students with different academic backgrounds that all have one common interest—serving others. The SAB challenges you to come up with create ways to engage the student population.”  ~Danielle Adams

Read our student opportunities descriptions and learn how to apply by visiting


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