are you ALIVE?

Are you ALIVE banner

By: Leah Baird

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This statement by Mahatma Gandhi was the emphasis behind the ALIVE Center’s Are You Alive?” awareness week. WKU students seemed to find meaning in this statement through creating Valentine’s Day cards for children, creating “I Pledge” videos, and signing up for different volunteer activities throughout the year. It was a week full of activities that sparked interest throughout the student body by showing them ways to participate in public service.

The Random Acts of Service project was the highlight of the week for many of the students. On Valentine’s Day, the ALIVE Center had a booth set up in DUC so students could stop and create a valentine for the children at Jones-Jaggers Elementary School. A variety of valentines were made and students were excited to be able to put smiles on the faces of many children. After the valentines were made, a group of students went to hand deliver them to the students. The children’s faces lit up and it was obvious that they felt special from these handmade cards. I personally felt warmth from these students, and I think it made my day as much as it did theirs. Participating in this event made me believe even more in the quote by Mahatma. I felt alive by helping others. I felt alive by seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces. I felt alive by something so simple that brought so much joy to others.

This event was just the start of things to come this year. The ALIVE Center wants to spark a movement that brings happiness to others and enriches the community.  “Are you ALIVE?” awareness week was the perfect start to help maintain these ideas. This year will be filled with service and making the community a better place.


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