Student helps children through Senase Project

DSC00627By Alanna Baugher

Sarah Hagan, a WKU senior psychology major, child studies minor, and leadership certificate holder from Gray, Georgia, is touching lives across the globe. She, along with four other students, founded a nonprofit called SENASE after studying abroad with Semester at Sea. SENASE is named after one of the villages she stayed in during her trip to Ghana with Semester at Sea. SENASE’s mission statement is to eradicate poverty through community development. (They chose to leave the mission statement broad enough to take it wherever their projects need to go.) While there, the students helped revamp a local school. After visiting, Hagan couldn’t stop thinking about the kids, “The children there looked hopeless with no light in their eyes.” The children oftentimes do not pass the national exam required to go on to higher education due to the lack of resources. Because of this, they take menial jobs and remain in poverty. So, Hagan and others set out to create change. They are currently working on getting teachers from other schools to help the teachers of Senase. They are also raising funds to make uniforms for the children. A local seamstress from the village will make the uniforms to help boost the local economy. Hagan wants to continue working with SENASE because of the “difference a small thing can make.” She is passionate about bringing change to others because she views herself as blessed beyond belief. She said she cannot fathom going days or weeks without eating. After seeing it firsthand, she “cannot not do anything about it.” For those who want to join her cause, help is needed in spreading the word and raising money for the school and uniforms. Please contact Hagan at for more information.

Anyone interested in donating can visit the website, To donate a uniform ($15) they have included it as an item in the website store. To make an unspecified donation they can just click on the “donate” button on the home page.

This is the second spotlight in our week-long series on Students Join Efforts for Hunger & Homelessness Awareness.



  1. John Hagan says:

    A wonderful project, and a very special young lady. I know, I’m her dad.

  2. She get’s it honest, would love to make a contribution, what’s the process

  3. Carol McGovern says:

    Sarah’s strong commitment and determination to help these and other children around the world is so amazing and inspiring. She has chosen to try and make a difference in the lives of children who seem to have been forgotten by everyone else. As Sarah knows, education will make a difference in their lives. I’m going to pass up my Starbucks Lattes for a while and send the money to The Senase Project. After all, isn’t a couple of school uniforms for these children worth it?? Great job Sarah!

  4. Awesome, Sarah, how do I make a donation?

  5. Sarah you are having a very positive impact on these kids! You must get some of that winning compassion from your father!

  6. Clara Sartori says:

    Sarah what a strong commitment you have in your heart to make a difference. You are such a caring determined young lady and I am going to do whatever I can to help this project. You are a very special lady and I am very proud to be your aunt.

  7. Steve Haggbloom says:

    Story linked to WKU Psychology Department acebook page. Your Psychology professors and fellow students are proud of yoour accomplishments.

  8. You are truly an inspiration! You have not just a fire inside of you, but a bonfire!! We love you and will support you in all your endeavors Peaches!

  9. Sarah Hagan says:

    All of these responses absolutely humble and move me. Thank you for all of your supportive words and willingness to get involved. For more information visit our website at or email me at

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