Students share a swipe for Salvation Army

By: Alanna BaugherFlyer Fall 11 (2)

Katie Knecht, a senior news editorial journalism student at WKU from Paducah, Kentucky, is giving back one meal plan at a time. Knecht, along with three other students, sits outside of the DUC food court collecting leftover meal plans every Sunday night from 5-9pm. Their movement has been titled “Share a Swipe.” Students use their extra weekly meal plans to buy food such as cereal and granola bars and then donate them to Share a Swipe. Share a Swipe then gives the weekly collection to the Salvation Army. Heather Gordon from the Salvation Army said that, “If it wasn’t for community partners making donations, we wouldn’t have food to give out.” Local donations make up the majority of what the Salvation Army is able to give to those in need.  Share a Swipe came out of a course Knecht and the others took in the spring of 2010. They realized that “students are paying for meals only to have them vanish once the week is over.” This bothered them, and Share a Swipe was born. Knecht said she “didn’t really get involved until later on in her college career, so she is glad she now has something,” and something successful to boot. The success of the group, she feels, comes from the simplicity – buying food with meal plans is not difficult. Once the food is bought, the student puts it in the donation box, and that is all that is required. Share a Swipe is also trying to exemplify how easy it is to help others and the community, even through an act as small as giving extra meal plans away. She hopes that Share a Swipe will continue after she leaves, because “the meal plan isn’t going anywhere.”  All students are encouraged to aid in this effort.

This is the first spotlight in our week-long series on Students Join Efforts for Hunger & Homelessness Awareness.


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