EEC Begins


Engage & Exchange Challenge Flyer

By: Aurelia Spaulding

The Engage & Exchange Challenge 2011 began on May 17th with slight changes to the rules and prize incentives. The purpose of the EEC is to highlight student engagement activities and share the impact WKU students make in the community through writing, still photography, and multi-media. The goal of the challenge is to Engage students and Exchange ideas on how they can make a difference.

WKU Honor student and Phi Gamma Delta member, Tyler Jury, came up with the idea, Fijis Across America, in honor of his late grandfather, Barrett Cummings. The winning multi-media production brought to light an effort being made by the fraternity to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease. The students began their ride in mid-May on their bikes across the country to raise $75,000 for their cause.

“When I saw a flyer about the Engage and Exchange Challenge, I thought it seemed like an excellent opportunity to showcase what we are doing within the WKU community, as well as a chance to win some money to help cover expenses for the ride. It ended up being a good experience and helped out our cause by encouraging us to create an informational video about what we are doing,” Jury said. Other participants on the multi-media project included Chaz Vittitow, Justin Cave, Wade Haga, Jake Ryle and Andrew Bennett.

The 2011 Challenge maintains the same three categories and offers incentives for first, second, and third place winners in the amounts of $300, $200, and $100 respectively in each category. WKU Honors students Chad Willis and Kaitlen Obsorn also won the remaining to categories. Willis won the still photography category, while Osburn won the writing category.

“My professor, Dr. Dana Bradley, introduced the project to our class early this semester, and I thought my recent work with Hospice and the Center for Courageous Kids would be a good inspiration for my essay. I was also attracted to this contest because it challenges students to use their talents to give back to the community — something that I think we can all work on,” Senior Acting/Directing Major, Kaitlen Osburn said.

Willis’ still photography project highlighted student volunteers at the Hildreth Adoption Center. Willis, Sophomore Biology major, said, “I was not aware of the adoption center until given the idea by a friend… It is very enjoyable and I wouldn’t have to ‘volunteer’ to do it.”

View the winning pieces online at Osburn’s piece will be featured in WKU ALIVE Center’s Spirit of Engagement publication. From now until March 18, 2011, students can document their engagement efforts through the three areas for submission into the EEC. Work can be submitted at any time until next March.


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